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Be Your Exceptional Self at SEE.

SEE is about knocking down the barriers to participation in the arts industry. It is about offering a creative experience to everyone and bringing all of those bodies onto public stages of their own design. It is about bringing exceptions, exclusions, the outsiders, gaps in thinking, and gaps in moving out into the open. It is about creating exceptions to the rules.

Join us for exceptional acts and exceptional encounters, and most importantly, a chance to create with exceptional people: people who defy norms, who don't fit neatly, and who challenge our expectations of dance and the dancing body.

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community workshop

At SEE we believe everyone is creative.

Our open community workshops are about the joy of movement. Ideas and concepts are generated by you and explored through dance, movement, text, games, and improvisation.

Workshops are led by the SEE Core Ensemble and Creative Provocateurs.

Open to all levels of performance enthusiasts who want to break free from the ordinary and express themselves through. Whether you're a seasoned dancer, singer, actor or a beginner looking for a fun and exciting way to make performance, our class is designed to inspire and empower you. Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

No previous experience is required. The class operates on a 'personal best' principle and suits all body types and skillsets.

Come and make new friends, learn new moves, and how performance is made.

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Training Program

Are you interested in working in the arts but not sure where to start?

In our Pathways to Work Program you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills in art making, performance, arts administration, and broader work in the arts sector.
  • Connect with other artists, who work to make art in inclusive spaces.
  • Connect to the arts sector through events and performances.
  • Perform and create your own work to be shared with the public.
  • Build job readiness.
  • Be supported to access traineeships and work-placements.

This program is personalised just for you and aims to lead you into volunteering work, employment opportunities, regular community access programs, or a combination of the above, all depending on your individual goals and ambitions.

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Workshop Schedule

Check our CALENDAR for details of upcoming SEE workshops and events.

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Vaccination Policy

SEE follows Department of Health Advice. You can check out our current Vaccination policy HERE.