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    Rite of Spring

    Through dance, physical theatre and immersive design, we journey deep into the promise of spring. Interiors are revealed; the wishful linings of pockets, secrets stained on petticoats, histories and landscapes tattooed on the heart. Our hopes, expectations, and choices. Our rights and dreams. Rite of Spring is a grand procession: audience and performers traveling together. On a journey with friends, strangers and neighbors, we move at the same pace and in the same rhythm. We feel geography and celebrate moving and being moved. Directed by Kelly Drummond Cawthon.

    Development Showing: 

    Ten Days on the Island RAWspace 2015

    Premiere: Salamanca MOVES 2016

    Contested Land

    Contested Land

    Contested Land is conceived and directed by Charlie Smith. A founding member of SEE, Charlie is working with ideas that are both quietly political and socially evocative. Investigating the history of nations, conflicts both embodied and landscaped, and lines drawn in the sand, Contested Land explores our sense of connection and what it means to us to take, give, share and fight over our contested lands. 

    Development Showings: Dancehouse Room to Move 2016 , Melbourne, Ten Days on the Island RAWspace 2017,  You Are Here Festival, Canberra 2017

    Premiere: Moonah MOVES 2018

    By My Hand

    By My Hand is an immersive physical theatre work  set within a rigorously defined structural lattice of rope and rock. It is a kinesthetic and sensory exploration of how we are caught up and held in place by our perceptions, our beliefs, and our rigidly held constructs of authority.

    That which constrains us, defines us.
    That which contains us, releases us.

    Conceived and choreographed by Luke Campbell with original score by Matthew Fargher, installation by Garth Knight and design by Roz Wren.


    Premiere: DARK MOFO 2018

    Let me Dry Your Eyes

    Let Me Dry Your Eyes

    SEE artists David Motgomery and Alma Faludi take to the water in this new project in development for the 2020 MOVES Festival.

    the ocean is filled with tears
    And the sea turns into a mirror
    There's a whale in the moon when it's clear
    And a bird on the tide- Tom Waits

    Performance Workshops

    Performance Workshops

    SEE is about knocking down the barriers to participation in performance. It is about offering a creative experience to everyone and bringing all of those dancing bodies onto public stages of their own design. It is about bringing exceptions, exclusions, the outsiders, gaps in thinking, and gaps in moving out into the open. It is about creating exceptions to the rules. It is about exceptional acts and exceptional encounters, and most importantly it's about exceptional people: people who defy norms, who don't fit neatly and who challenge our expectations of dance and the dancing body. 

    The Beauty Project

    Rite of Spring

    The Beauty Project  explores difference, beauty and self-perception, challenges stereotypes and ask us to consider what is truly beautiful. Directed by  Elise Romazsko with creative design by Roz Wren, Music by Max Bladel and Michael Fortescue, producing and dramaturgy by Jami Bladel.