In conversation

Dave and Alma drawing and talking about Let Me Dry Your Eyes.

A.R.T Residency with dancenorth

SEE in the far north

Dave, Alma, Kelly, Matthew and Sandi spent an amazing 10 days in July as part of the Artist Residency in the Tropics Program with Dancenorth.  With the generous support of Arts Tasmania Artsbridge, Grand Chancellor Townsville, and Carolyn  we worked  in the Dancenorth studios, waterholes and beaches of Townsville.  At the end of the residency we shared some of our ideas with the company.

 A reflection on our time in Townsville 

Off our island and out of our comfort zone the Let Me Dry Your Eyes crew are still reflecting on the impact of our time in Townsville at the A.R.T residency with Dancenorth. We are based in regional Australia- an island state literally at the end of the world. That Dancenorth, another regionally based company at the opposite end of our country, would select us to be a part of the program speaks volumes. 

It says something about the de-centralization of knowledge, culture and art. Often we are taught/ assume/ believe that the big cities are where art lives- it is where the 'real' thing is happening and the best of the best live and create. Companies like Dancenorth are effortlessly debunking this myth. Their performance work, community projects and artist and artform development programs are beyond progressive- the are future making, diverse, inclusive and courageous. It is an honor to have been gifted time in the studio alongside them. Rubbing elbows and toes with magic always leaves a little glitter behind. 

Our SEE performers had a chance to see themselves in the reflection of the eyes of the Dancenorth company at our showing and see the joy and curiosity as they played our found instruments. What we were making had value to people who didn’t know us. The work was seen for what it offered not who we were. This is important for a company like SEE. Work featuring artists living with a disability is often seen only in that context. In Townsville we were artists first. Alma and Dave began to imagine what life in a dance studio might look like- to see themselves as artists. Alma asked how she could be a part of such a company- where can she study? How old would she need to be to undertake a secondment. Dave talked about the Townsville premiere of Let Me Dry Your Eyes. Away from the small-town arts existence of juggling several jobs and many projects, Matthew, Sandi and I were able to focus, bring all that we were to the studio and to the water each day. No competing agendas, no being pulled to the next gig. It was AWESOME and something SEE continues to work towards being able to support more of. Thanks so much for having us Dancenorth. We look forward to a long collaborative future!


Week 4

Another week in the pool and some more beautiful moments. 

Exhibition opening at moonah arts centre

Alma, Dave and Michael perform and create at the opening of the Let Me Dry Your Eyes Exhibition.

week 3

Alma and Dave spend a week on top of the water experimenting with effects for their upcoming exhibition opening and the performance projections.


Dave talks about playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer - getting ready to see The Violent Outburst that Drew Me To You at the Theatre Royal next week.

Week 2

 Another session in the pool for Let Me Dry Your Eyes

Alma's Exhibition

Alma is creating work for her first solo exhibition at Moonah Arts Centre, June 5-29, 2019.

Week 1

Dave and Alma reflect on week one of the Let Me Dry Your Eyes water rehearsals.

Young ambassador show selection

After meeting the crew of  2019 Theatre Royal Young Ambassadors Dave and Alma have their hot tips for this year's season.

Our application to the 2019 theatre royal young ambassadors

Dave and Alma applied to be 2019 Theatre Royal Young Ambassadors. Here is their video application to the program.